Leading the future of work we bring together best-in-class professionals to collaboratively guide your sales and growth strategy.

“Purposeful, value-driven companies outperform their counterparts in stock price by a factor of 12.”
John Kotter and James Heskett, Corporate Culture and Performance 

Our talented teams help aspiring companies to create a purposeful, values-driven corporate culture, attract like-minded clients by building a magnetic sales and marketing approach, and guide your company in sustainable growth.

The TuskHub Story

We have worked for some amazing brands, even the holy grail, Google. It was this pivotal experience that inspired us to create a firm that enables companies to build their business around company culture, purpose, and values rather than only growth and revenue targets.  


We have developed a unique framework for corporate success, and we guide organizations to shape healthy cultures that work for everyone. We believe it is possible for companies to create and express those cultures, like how they interact with customers and community and achieve rapid growth.


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Meet some of the independent professionals behind TuskHub:

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Katie McLean
Sales & Growth


Jenna Parker

Data Analytics


Karen Hogg

Customer Experience

Jennifer Lussier


What We Do

We bring together best-in-class professionals to collaboratively guide your growth strategy. We help your team construct targeted, strategic frameworks, backed by proven tactics and tangible next steps. We then measure your progress as your team (or if you prefer, ours) rolls it out.

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