• Katie McLean

Jenna Lange’s Top Three Tips for Leadership Presence

Check out our first segment of The Growth Movement featuring Jenna Lange. We Discussed presence and the importance of 'showing up' in order to convince others of your purpose.

1. Translate your thoughts and ideas to be relevant to the audience you are interacting with.

There are leaders who have great ideas, but they may not get the attention that they deserve because they have trouble communicating clearly. They try to explain the benefits and the why behind the company, but it is hard to explain technical things to non-technical audiences and to change that on a dime. Leaders have the opportunity to take their content and make sure that those ideas are translated and relevant for every audience they interact with.

2. Create as much efficiency as you can - especially when you are remote

People are exhausted. Video conference is a performance and it is eight to nine hours a day of a performance. There is no newscaster on the planet that is recording for eight to ten hours a day with a camera. That is basically what we are asking the world to do. It is exhausting so we need to be very well structured and well organized in how we run meetings so that we save people's time.

3. Leverage storytelling to engage your audience.

We need to recognize that people are not always focused on us as engaging as we think we are. They are often thinking about something else. The answer is story and the power of story. Identify what your employees and clients are thinking about as it relates to your story and their purpose. Storytelling is a great way to keep an audience engaged and engagement is a factor that you need to consider, particularly in this virtual environment. People perk up and pay more attention when you go into storytelling mode. This can transform the attentiveness of your audience.

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