• Katie McLean

Pivot of the Week: Online Grocery Shopping

Five local Calgary companies have worked together to introduce an online store to order staple food from a variety of producers, this comes as a way to combat food supply chain disruption all while capitalizing on the growing demand for food delivery. We’ve named Calgary Grocery our pivot of the week as they have combined the difficulties faced with retail consumers closing which has left them with excess product, while responding with consideration to the effects of social distancing. Calgary Grocery allows locally sourced food to be delivered right to your door, including baked goods, such as croissants and cookies from your community bakery. This ability to rethink a business model in the face of shifting needs displays an effective pivot toward a product which is increasingly in demand.

By combining the need for producers to move their food and the demand of consumers to have easier access to goods, while maintaining social distancing, Calgary Grocery effectively took a problem and turned it into a new solution.

Not only does this improve the difficulties being faced for the businesses, but the community impact this has cannot be diminished as people stuck at home are now able to enjoy fresh baked goods and locally sourced produce.

Check out Calgary Grocery Delivery:

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